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Your Goals, Wants, Hopes and Dreams are MUCH more than just a Resolution. The pursuit of the passion found in YOUR heart is what will result in a Personal REVOLUTION!

Resolution Reboot WEEK 1 • F*CK RESOLUTIONS!

Your Goals, Wants, Hopes and Dreams are MUCH more than just a Resolution.

In Week One of the Bombshell Resolution Reboot Challenge, you will set your Challenge INTENTION, whittle it DOWN into ACHIEVABLE Goals, and decide how YOU will take ACTION to put your BEST YEAR EVER into motion!

During Week One, we will also conduct our personal Bombshell Reboot Challenge Fitness Assessment to assess our current fitness level and set a Goal for our progress by the end of the Challenge.

Resolution Reboot WEEK 1 • F*CK RESOLUTIONS!


Let’s find out where we ARE at the start of OUR New Year with a 5-Exercise Fitness Challenge that you can do at home. 

This Fitness Assessment is NOT to judge you, COMPARE you with ANYONE else, look down on you OR for YOU to look down on YOURSELF

We MUST have a starting point in order to know WHERE we want to GO.

This Fitness Challenge IS designed set a BASELINE today for YOURSELF that we will work to IMPROVE on throughout the Challenge.

If you have participated in a previous Bombshell Challenge, this assessment will look familiar!  We are keeping the Fitness Assessment STANDARD through ALL Bombshell Challenges so that you can gauge your progress over TIME and have a CONTINUAL measure of improvement.

Note: If you participated in a previous Bombshell Challenge and completed a few fewer reps than you did at the end of the LAST Challenge, do NOT beat yourself up! 

You are HERE to REBOOT and if that ALSO means rebooting your OVERALL Fitness level, so be it!  Stick with it, and the ONLY way we can go is UP!

Feel free to complete this Assessment on your own each week, but AS A GROUP, we will REVISIT this Challenge in Weeks 4 and 8 to see what kind of progress you are making during your personal revolution.

Resolution Reboot WEEK 1 • F*CK RESOLUTIONS!


For this Fitness Assessment, you will chart how many of each of the following exercises you can complete in 60 seconds.

You are not competing against ANYONE except yourself, so HAVE FUN, stay SAFE, and listen to your body at all times!

It does NOT matter if the number you finish is ONE or TWO or 1/2 of a Repetition! It is a START and THAT is all that MATTERS, that YOU are STARTING something to IMPROVE yourself, improve your HEALTH, and improve your LIFE!

Watch This Video!

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After you finish your initial Fitness Assessment, LOG your results in the provided printable sheet along with your GOAL for how many repetitions you will be able to complete at the end of the Challenge in Week-8. If you participated in a previous Bombshell Challenge, Log your ENDING numbers from the end of the last Challenge you participated in.   Make your Goal challenging but realistic.

Momma Bombshell will do this Assessment LIVE with you (it will be pinned on the Challenge Fb Page if you miss it!)  on TUESDAY of Week One so that you can see what each of these Exercises ARE as well as learn their proper form!)

Let’s DO this Bombshell!


This week, first choose THREE very CLEAR, doable, and SUSTAINABLE Personal Revolution Goals for this Challenge, and decide what ACTIONS you will take to ACTIVATE the CHANGES needed to accomplish these SPECIFIC Goals.

These Goals can be part of a bigger picture, but the challenge needs to be very specific and achievable within our 8 weeks together.

Note:  Make SURE that these Goals and Actions are REALISTIC within the scope of YOUR life.


Example Personal Revolution Goal #1

Integrate fitness into my lifestyle

I will pack my gym bag each night before bed and put it in my car so that I have EVERYTHING I need to hit the Gym DIRECTLY after work.

I will go to the Gym 4-days a week after work, even on days when I don’t feel like it, and even if it’s only for a few minutes. I will GO THERE no matter WHAT.

I will put my phone away in the Gym and really focus on my workout so that I see results.

Example Personal Revolution Goal #2


I will work on being bold and not shrinking back because I am worried about what other people think. 

When I start to get down on myself, I will STOP and work to change my mindset.  If I need to, I will walk the dog or do something active for a bit to clear my head rather than turning to food for comfort which ALWAYS leaves me feeling worse.

Additionally, I will start getting up a few minutes earlier each day to fix myself up more before I leave the house.  I always feel better when I do this.

Example Personal Revolution Goal #3

Cut back to 1 Diet Soda per day

Cut back to only one Diet Soda per day. I will make sure I have my regular water with me to sip on throughout the day and will switch out two of my other usual Diet Sodas with Sparkling Water.

Optional B-Fearless Bonus Goal

Is there something you WANT to try, WANT to do, WANT to BE that you have been TOO SCARED to even DARE say out loud?  Well, Bombshell, THIS is the TIME and PLACE for YOU to SAY IT, SHOUT IT, and OWN IT!

Bombshells are Bold, Confident, Fearless and do NOT shy away from what they WANT to do or BE because of FEAR!  So let your dreams and desires OUT THERE in order to set the INTENTION in MOTION that is the FIRST STEP toward making them a REALITY!



B-Fearless Bonus Goal

I have always wanted to wear super sexy lingerie for my Husband but have always been to worried about how my body looks even though I know he would like it if I was just brave enough to wear it.



I will find something I think is pretty, put it on and just GO for it!  I won’t stare at all my “flaws” in the mirror or WORRY that I am not good enough.  INSTEAD I will appreciate my body for the AMAZING WOMAN that it is a vessel for, ME!

Letter to YOU

Once you decide on your THREE distinct, achievable Revolution Goals, a B-Fearless Goal, and an Activation Plan for each, sit down and write yourself a LETTER.

Write this letter to YOU as if we were at the END of WEEK EIGHT. The challenge is OVER, and you have accomplished all that you set out to do!  You REACHED your GOALS, Bombshell!



Post on the Resolution Reboot Challenge Group Facebook Page and your Personal Social Media including at least ONE if not ALL of the following. 

Post ONLY whatever YOU are comfortable sharing.

And yes, you can have SEPARATE posts for the Private Group and your Public Social Media if you choose.  Feel free to get CREATIVE with these Posts/Videos.

DISCLAIMER: Weekly Prizes are chosen from Posts shared on Social Media outside of the Challenge Group and/or The B-Spot.

Your Social Media MUST be public in order for us to find your posted content. The hashtags below MUST be used on every week’s engagement challenge to qualify for a prize!

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Let’s have an INCREDIBLE Week 1 Challengers!
It’s time for US to Live our BEST Lives, TOGETHER!